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  • Over 60′s sexting – Older people sexting

    Over 60′s sexting, what’s the world coming to? If it still looks good do you show it? But what will the grandchildren say? This lovely over 60′s sexting story comes from Stuff. All I can say if it still looks good go for it, Just remember what will the grand kids say when they see […]

  • Penalties for Sexting too Harsh

    Penalties for Sexting too Harsh

    Kids think penalties for sexting too harsh These Australian kids just may have a good point here. So if two 15 year olds are madly sexting each other then its not a crime in their eyes but if a 24 year old is sexting a 15 year old then it is a crime. What do […]

  • Is sending a naked photo now the norm?

    Is sending a naked photo now the norm?

    Asking for a naked photo now part of flirting Ok this is a bit of a worry. Its now normal behaviour to ask a teen for a naked photo or text them and ask for sex. And I thought girls where easy in my day. A bit of flirting with sexy pictures is fine but […]

  • Taylor Swift Sexting Robert Pattinson

    Taylor Swift Sexting Robert Pattinson

    Here’s a bit of celebrity  sexting gossip for you. Is Taylor Swift Sexting Robert Pattinson?  All the sexting crime stories get a bit much some times. If you want to keep your sexting hot or need some ideas then down load the sexting book and make sure to check out the recommended sexting products in the […]

  • Over 40′s Sexting

    Over 40′s Sexting

    See sexting is not just for the teens. Adults are in to it as well. Its a great way for the oldies to spice up their sex life. Yes us oldies still have sex. Its not a teen thing. You would think that teens invented sex not just discovered it. For some great sexting examples […]

  • Men’s guide to Sexting for adults

    Men’s guide to Sexting for adults

    Sexting for adults Men if Sexting for adults is something that you do or are thinking of doing then there are a few things you need to realise. Sexting inevitable in this oversexed, technology-driven world we live in. I’m not against it, though it does require a certain finesse and grace that men often don’t possess. […]