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Best sexting examples going around

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Here are some of the best sexting examples that you don’t want to send or receive.

I spent all night sexting your girlfriend for you because you were too drunk. You’re welcome.

i’m pretty sure the only people calling it “sexting” are ones who don’t actually do it

In a tragic sexting typo, I typed the word “blobjob”. Now she’s coming over and I have no idea what I’m in for…

how was ur day?
this is strictly sexting don’t make small talk.

ra ra ra ah ah
sexting lady gaga style

dude I’m not 100% but I think your mom is sexting me.

Dont you think its a little early in the relationship for sexting?

Can you send me a pic of you vag, I’m sexting the guy and he wants a pic but I didnt shave
are you serious?
I know you already have a pic on your phone

in retrospect, sexting while high was a mistake – I meant to say “I’ll fuck you stupid, baby” but of course I said “I’ll fuck your stupid baby”

We were sexting and at the end, instead of us having sex, he decided to put “we fell asleep in each others arms.”

You seriously need to keep doing my sexting for me. I just said something about “riding cock like a dick rodeo”

Most guys don’t get turned on by “skinny, gangly legged girl with glasses laying in bed touching herself.” You better start working on your diction if you’re gonna keep up the sexting.

sexting loses it’s worth when you accidentally text your boss.

ANDDD I just became confused during sexting and sent my mother a text describing a “porno-worthy cum shot.”

As you can see from the list above its not just what you sext its also how you sext. So always check the number before you push send.

If you have any you wish to add leave a comment below.

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