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Word of Warning Regarding Sexting

Now if you are under age just forget about sexting until you are over 18 or what ever the legal age for sex is in your country. Because it does not matter what age you are if you send or store any image of anyone naked that is under age you will be done for handling child porn. Then you will you will have a criminal record as a sex offender for life. Its not worth it.

Now back to the adults. As I was saying if you are looking for examples of sexting then you need to read the two ebooks. The first is about how to text your wife into bed and spice up the old sex life. The best thing about this ebook on examples of sexting is that you are shown how to use text messages to seduce your wife / girlfriend . . . turn her on . . . have her counting down the moments until she sees you again . . . You will discover Remote Control Foreplay that will get her so turned on . . . Have her squirming in her seat . . . Know what she really wants, these sexting examples are what every man should know about the sexual mind of a woman. It’s what women really want.

Examples of sexting for adults is on the increase. Ask most people what sexting is these days, and they might tell you it’s a pornographic phenomenon amongst cell phone-toting teens that’s gotten out of control.

It’s about adults sexting each other as well. Middle aged men and women are starting to catch on to this use of cell phones for adults sexting and they are looking for examples of sexting.

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As a concerned adult, I have read a number of articles about the dangers of teen sexting. But as a consenting adult, I think there’s another side to using text messages in a way that can add fun and romance to your relationship.
Just as text messaging has an immediacy that brings two people closer no matter how many miles or time zones separate them, sexting between adults can be a great way to build up anticipation, playfulness, and remind your partner that even when you’re apart, they’re on your mind. And that goes for adults sexting of photos and adults sexting of images as well.

But use some common sense here. If you’re reckless enough to send racy pics of yourself to a stranger you met last week in a bar, don’t be surprised if they fall into the wrong hands, then get spread all over the Internet real fast. For those in a long-term relationship, however, here are some easy ways you can turn on your partner by text:

You don’t have to get down and dirty in your messages. Hints at a special night you’ve got planned for them, or letting them know you’re hungry for a little couples’ time can stoke the fire. Even without being graphic, 160 character restrictions leave a lot of room for foreplay.

Remember, even the slightest suggestion of a romantic rendezvous may come as a welcome surprise during working hours. “Miss your touch” or even “Hey cutey” could bring a welcome blush, if they are reading your message amidst a pile of office work.

You may find that the text message format makes you feel more comfortable telling your partner things you’d feel funny saying out loud. Push the envelope gently, and escalate your expressiveness according to their response.

Now a word of warning if you receive a sext image of someone you think looks a bit young do not even think out sending it on as you could be done for distribution of child porn.
You can never be sure how old someone is, so always be on the safe side with your examples of sexting.

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