Miley Cyrus Sexting Picture

Miley Cyrus sexting pictures surfaced back in Dec. 2010 apparently.  It’s rumored that the Miley Cyrus sexting picture turned out to be just another random, anonymous naked woman of questionable age taking a photo of her self in a shirt just like one that Miley Cyrus once wore. The woman in the sexting picture was bit thinner than the Hannah Montana star. More importantly, the individual in the photo was missing a key piece of evidence – Cyrus’ tattoo that reads “Just Breathe” beneath her left breast.

The rumor was that Miley’s phone was stolen and the image was found on it. So if you are into sexting, and there is nothing wrong with sexting if you are of legal age as long as you don’t mind for your image to find its way on to the Internet. I know a lot of sexting people post their sexting pictures on the Internet themselves.
But if you want to or need to keep it private then just be careful where you send or save the image. For more sexting advice and sexting ideas fill in the form at the top of the page.
miley cyrus sexting

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