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  • Real Sexts Part 30

    Real Sexts Part 30

    Real Sexts Part 30 These two really get going in these real sexts. GIRL: I want to come and sit on your d**k and ride on it up and down so fast. I want your precum to fill up my box and make is so wet and seasy to get in. I’ll grab your chest […]

  • Real sexts Part 29

    Real sexts Part 29

    Real sexts Part 29 These real sexts are too bad. Not the best grammar or writing skills but it is so hard to text one handed sometimes. Me: babess Him: yeah baby? Me: iNeed you Him: iNeed you ; and iWant you! Me: mmm ; baby

  • Real Sexts Part 28

    Real Sexts Part 28

    Real Sexts Part 28 Again a set of real sexts where the girl is doing all the work. Come on guys. G- I’m in the mood for rough and dirty… B- oh really? G- Yeah, you know what we would be doing if i was there with you? B- What baby? G- I’d start by […]

  • Real Sexts Part 27

    Real Sexts Part 27

    Real Sexts Part 27 Again these real sexts show that it’s the girls that like to get things started and the guys think they are super studs. It would be impressive it they could last half the time they claim and keep going after nature has taken its course. Me: Hey what’s up babe? Guy: […]

  • Real Sexts Part 26

    Real Sexts Part 26

    Real Sexts Part 26 – Sexting and driving There is a real danger when sending real sexts and driving. I just hope this guy was not driving but heading for the car in two minutes. -Hey, are you feeling sexy babe? I am going crazy! -Oh, how did you know! -I can’t wait to feel […]

  • Real Sexts Part 25

    Real Sexts Part 25

    Real Sexts Part 25 – Catholic School Girls Real sexts from a catholic school girl. What is it with catholic school girls? They seem to be part of every guys fantasy at one time or another. Maybe its their uniform. Less you show sexier it is. It means the mind starts working over time. Filled […]

  • Real Sexts Part 24

    Real Sexts Part 24

    Real Sexts Part 24 – Collage Girls Need I say more? me: hey baby, what you up to? bf: hey, nothing. stuck in the sun at work. what you doing? me: just laying in bed, trying to work on homework, wishing you were here with me( bf: oh yeah? why? me: you know, homework gets […]

  • Real sexts Part 23

    Real sexts Part 23

    Real sexts Part 23 These girls like to tease. Here are some real sexts from women that like to tease their man while he’s at work. “oh baby tonight when you get home you will find 2 things, 1st my clothes at the door and second a bottle of hot massage oil and me pulling […]

  • Real Sexts Part 22

    Real Sexts Part 22

    Real Sexts Part 22 Doctors Orders Ok This is not a set of real sexts but a comment form a sex doctor that sounds hot on a community Q & A site. The majority of these text wouldn’t get me that excited. The key to arousal via sexting is detail. One must include as much […]

  • Real Sexts Part 21

    Real Sexts Part 21

    Real Sexts Part 21 When sexting goes bad. This is not a real sext but a real comment left by one very sad little girl on a sexting example site. I realized what sexting was. It all started with a boy I really liked. We texted each other all the time and then one day […]

  • Real Sexts 20

    Real Sexts 20

    Real Sexts 20 – Sexting and Mothers In these real sexts there are a few new terms for me like Blue Waffle (Just looked it up on Google, You do not want to give any girl a blue waffle, it is not sexy or romantic). Anyway back to the sext. Do not ask the girlfriends […]

  • Real Sexts Part 19

    Real Sexts Part 19

    Real Sexts Part 19 To Pic or not to Pic When it comes to sending real sexts I say never send a pic. At some stage some time it will end up on the internet and some one that you do not want to see it will. Your phone or their phone could be stolen […]

  • Real sexts Part 18

    Real sexts Part 18

    Real sexts Part 18 Sext and Food In these real sexts there is food everywhere. Can’t you just picture the mess? There would be no sleeping in that bed afterwards. How do you explain the messy sheets to anyone that saw them – Like your Mother. my bf: I would grab your p***y and whisper […]

  • Real Sexts Part 17

    Real Sexts Part 17

    Real Sexts Part 17 Teenage Boys These 2 real sexts are from a couple to try hard teenage boys. Ok the first guy is not too bad but the second guy needs some more lessons. I DO want to make you wet. And I do want you to make me hard (not that it will […]

  • Real Sexts Part 16

    Real Sexts Part 16

     Real Sexts Part 16 Secret Relationship The young lady that sent these real sexts had to make do with just with sexts as the guy she was sexting was her best friends brother so see felt that they had to keep it secret. Picture me straddling you in the back of your van as we […]

  • Real Sexts Part 15

    Real Sexts Part 15

     Real Sexts Part 15 – Lonely Wife This is from a lonely wife keeping the home fire hot while hubby is away. Real sexts that  makes things harder for the husband while he is away. You can take this any way you want. “I’d kiss you. Then open my mouth and slide my tongue in […]

  • Real Sexts Part 14

    Real Sexts Part 14

     Real Sexts Part 14 We left this awesome real sexts writer as he was going to kiss all round… I’ve rewound the sext a bit for you. Enjoy. My hands would slide down over your skirt, raising it to your hips as my lips continued kissing downwards, along your stomach and waist, pulling away when […]

  • Real Sexts Part 13

    Real Sexts Part 13

     Real Sexts Part 13 – This Guy is good Finally  real sexts by a guy. This guy can write. If this did not get her in the mood then nothing will. This one should be in a Mills and Boon, maybe that’s where he got it from. Anyway this one is a real sexts that’s […]

  • Real Sexts Part 12

    Real Sexts Part 12

     Real Sexts Part 12- Sexting with Food OK this is a very weird set of real sexts. I’ve heard of using food to enhance sex and the old whip cream is a good stand by but these two are just too weird for me. This one put me off eating for at least an hour. […]

  • Real Sexts Part 11

    Real Sexts Part 11

     Real Sexts Part 11 – Getting in the mood This is a nice quick set of real sexts that sets the mood for him coming home and her waiting at home for him. I can just see him sitting on the train or bus on the way home busying texting this one out with an […]

  • Real Sexts Part 10

    Real Sexts Part 10

     Real Sexts part 10 – Part 2 of yesterdays real sexts. This guy is not great at sexting. I push you down against the shower wall, i want you soo bad i want you soo badly to take me from behind.. i want to feel you go deeper and deeper… and witth every thrust you […]

  • Real Sexts Part 9

    Real Sexts Part 9

     Real Sexts Part 9 – Man uses wrong head for thinking With this set of real sexts we join the sexting just as it starts to get interesting. It’s a shame we don’t get his reaction to the last sext sent. bf: yeah babe you want me to f**k you hard and rough? me: you […]

  • Real Sexts Part 8

    Real Sexts Part 8

     Real Sexts Part 8 – Sext Strategy This set of real sexts is different as it’s more a “his turn, her turn” strategy game that goes on for hours until there is a result. Him: *pulls you into my lap Me: *wraps my arms around you and kisses your ear lightly Him: *pulls you close […]

  • Real Sexts Part 7

    Real Sexts Part 7

     Real Sexts Part 7 – The Choir Boy This is another set of real sexts that has an interesting twist and ending. Him: I want you right now Me: mmmm me to Him: u no what I’m gonna do to you? Me: what? Him: I push u onto the bed hard and slip my hand […]

  • Real Sexts Part 6

    Real Sexts Part 6

     Real Sexts Part 6 – Hot Sext OK these Real Sexts are hot stuff. These two are going for it with a very surprised ending. Let’s say they are still technically virgins. “Hey babe -Hey -I’m so bored, what are you doing -Nothing, why? -What would you do if i came over to your room […]