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  • Real Sexts Part 5

    Real Sexts Part 5

     Real Sexts Part 5 – One liner This real sexts one liner got results. Every Guy I know would just love to get one like this. “my mouth is bored, can your d*** come out to play?” This one is a classic opening line. If you need ideas too get started then this is the […]

  • Real Sexts Part 4

    Real Sexts Part 4

     Real Sexts Part 4 – Word Picture Real Sexts is all about painting a word picture. You don’t need to send nude or semi nude pictures of yourself. If anyone asks you to just say No. If they respect you they will not ask again. These real sexts paints a very graphic painting. Girl: Hey […]

  • Real Sexts Part 3

    Real Sexts Part 3

     Real Sexts Part 3 -A famous opening line Its time for some real sexts with a bit of back and forth action. This one is a bit of a famous opening line but you have to love the guys’ response. Girl: I’m craving a sundae but I’m on a diet. . . . .Can I […]

  • Real Sexts Part 2

    Real Sexts Part 2

      Real Sexts Part 2 Sexting Game Sexting is a game of sorts, It’s a bit like “role play”. Married couples use real sexts to keep the spice in their relationship. One thing about real sexts is that you can say things in a text that you would not say face to face and get […]

  • Real Sexts Part 1

    Real Sexts Part 1

    Real Sexts Part 1 Real Sexts is not sex, it’s an imitation of it. Real Sexts are a way of building anticipation for the real thing when you can be together. It’s not a toy to be played with by children.  People sext all the time, its fun. And it’s not like flirting it’s describing […]

  • Real Sexts

    Real Sexts

    Real Sexts by Real People. People are looking for real sexts to use as examples of sexting for their own sexting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sexting- Between Adults. What is so wrong is adults sexting minors i.e. someone under 18 in most places. As I keep saying throughout Never sext a […]