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  • Boring Dirty Texts

    Boring Dirty Texts

    I love this story, Can you imagine how boring this guys sexts are. He needs to download my free ebook now and then check out all the recommended products to the right of this story. This will help with this dirty texts. V has some good advice here as well. Personally I would send him […]

  • Gay Sexting with Scruff

    Gay Sexting with Scruff

    Now to be honest this is not a side of sexting I had thought about. But it just goes to show that everyone can get into sexting. But again the same rules apply. Ok I know you are a big boy now but remember that photo of your dick with your face in it just […]

  • More sexting examples for men to use

    More sexting examples for men to use

    I read a story from India while researching sexting examples for men to use that I feel happens everywhere in the world. I‘ll not repeat the whole story but only the bits where the sexting has gone wrong. So 3 months into her relationship a 27- year-old professional female is given a phone by her […]

  • Text Her Into Bed

    Text Her Into Bed

    Click Image Below to View Free Video Presentation on how to Text Her Into Bed. Works on ALL Women not just Wives. Discover how to test your wife back into bed. If your not happy with your sex life then nor is she. Maybe you need to put more of effort in to turn her […]