Sexting Pictures

Sexting Pictures – Is it a good Idea

Sexting Pictures

Too young too Sext

If you’re looking for real sexting pictures of women then you have come to the wrong web site, Go check out an adult website. If you are legally known as a minor in your Country or State other wise called a teenager and you have already been sexting pictures of yourself nude or near as and you haven’t been caught by some form of law yet, well don’t relax because as long as your nude pics are out there for all so see, they will came back to bite you on the ass, It may not be this week but it could be in a few years when your soon to be boss does a web search for your name and finds a few images of you that may help you get a job in a strip club but not as a lawyer, if you know what I mean.

A number of students that have sent pictures to one other student for flirtatious purposes have found the sext passed on to others until it ends up in the hands of the authorities. The result has been expelled from school, or they have been arrested under the distribution of child pornography law. NEVER EVER send or forward any image that could be classed as sexual of any person that maybe under the age of 18 years.

An expulsion will forever be on your educational record and an arrest will give you a record as a child sex offender. Both of these may affect the type of work you can do in the future as well as affect the type of college that you could get into. Then there is your reputation, the affect this could have on your family as well. Sexting may all seem like innocent behaviour, it can be very harmful.

Sending Sexting Pics as an Adult.

If you are an adult, and you are sexting pictures you could be setting yourself up for blackmail or a ruined marriage or relationship if the person you are sexting is not your partner. All it takes is a jilted lover to take revenge by posting your sexting pictures all over the internet. If you are happy for the world to see you nude then its not a problem but if it will affect your job or life in some way then do not send sext pics to anyone.

The law on sexting pictures in some places is been changed from a felony to a misdemeanor. But that still means it will get you into trouble. So think before you push that send button. If you must send sext pics then use this free app.