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  • Sexting and sexual activity in teens

    Sexting and sexual activity in teens

    This article on sexting I found very interesting.  As I understand it. Dutch teens are not into sexting and the ones that are quote  “were less satisfied with their lives, had higher levels of sensation-seeking . . . and were lower educated,” but as I pointed out the other day some surveys in North America […]

  • Parents May Have Never Heard of Sexting

    Parents May Have Never Heard of Sexting

    I don’t want to be rude here but is Guelph behind the times or what? Guelph claims to be ones of Canada’s smartest cities. ( see quote below) But when an article claims that parents may have never heard of sexting and that surveys show that 20 to 60% of teens are sexting. Come on. […]

  • Snapchat making sexting safe

    Snapchat making sexting safe

    Does Snapchat make sexting safer? I found this article of interest, Snapchat was meant to be the safe way to send naked images without fear of them been passed on. Now it looks like there is a loop hole. Ok the person you send your nude text to may want to keep an image of […]

  • Sexting is Dangerous

    Sexting is Dangerous

    This made interesting reading. Why sexting is dangerous for teenager’s health Written by Sade Oguntola Tuesday, 30 October 2012 Nobody is actually going to get a sexually transmitted disease because they are sexting or sending sexual text messages, including photos. Nonetheless, experts warn that adolescents who indulge in sexting were more likely to engage in […]

  • The dangers of sexting

    The dangers of sexting

    This article makes some good points about teens sexting. Its not just teens. Adults sext as well. Now there is nothing wrong with a bit of sexy word play but when you start to post sext pictures of yourself or other people on line then things can go wrong big time. So keep your sexting […]

  • What is your Sexting personality

    What is your Sexting personality

    Just what is your sexting personality? Are you any of the 5 sexing types below? As its proven that females sext more than males I would have thought that there would have been female types. What to you think? Comment below. Recommended ReadingSexting ExamplesSexting and sexual activity in teensParents May Have Never Heard of SextingText […]

  • Sexting Banned by Pakistan Telecom Authority

    Sexting Banned by Pakistan Telecom Authority

    Sexting Ban goes too far This report from PCmag  is a bit of a worry. If a Telecom provider can block your text just because you are using a term or phrase that some official does not like, well life just got a lot harder, Sorry can’t use that word need to find another one. […]

  • How to protect children from sexting

    How to protect children from sexting

    There is good sexting and bad sexting. Good sexting is between to consenting adults that are in a relationship and just want to spice things up a bit. See Adults Sexting Bad sexting is when children or teenagers are involved in sextng when they do not wish to be but feel pressured to do so […]

  • Sexting Suicidal Connection

    Sexting Suicidal Connection

    As much as teenagers think they are grown up and ready for the big bad world this study yet again proves that sexting is an adult activity. Unless you are over 18 or what ever the legal age for consent is in your area, stay a child don’t grow up to fast, you have such […]

  • Anti Sexting Video

    Anti Sexting Video

    Sheriff’s Office Participates In Anti-”Sexting” Video  From the Leesburg2day website come this great news report. As I keep saying there is the right time and place for sexting. And no time or place is right for anyone under 18. Posted: Friday, September 30, 2011 2:54 pm The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is working to spread […]

  • Teens start sexting to fit in

    Teens start sexting to fit in

    As a fan of adult sexting I find this more than a bit disturbing. In most countries the transmission of sexual images of people under the age of 18 is treated as Child Porn. You do not want to be connected with child pron in any form. Unless you are 100% comfortable with the world […]